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Dentistry is termed as oral mucosa and is related with the diseases of the jaw and the facial.

Dentistry deals with the teeth for treating people with problems of dental there is no limit in dealing with other issues such as complex craniofacial which involves temporomandibular matters and dentistry largely is concerned with stomatology which is the studying of the diseases and disorders of the mouth and the treatment of dental is made by a team who are experts in dental issues and they comprise of dentists.

Some dentists are concerned with dentistry are dental therapists, dental technicians, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental auxiliaries and dentists and they mostly work as private dentists by giving secondary or primary care in dental hospitals or in the armed forces and prisons.

Dentistry has been in existence for a long time since 7000 BC and there has been evidence that there was drilling of teeth as way back min 9000 years and it is believed that dentistry was the first kind of medicine to be practiced and put as a specialization.

Dentist is Latin for the word tooth and it is connected to the study of science called odontology and this is the study of teeth abnormalities and their development and structure.

Dentistry deals with oral diseases are the main health complications that the public goes through because of the disadvantages many economic assemblages under go and teeth problems is globally prevalent and many treatments of dental is made so as to treat or prevent oral tooth decay so-called dental caries or diseases as well as the disease termed as periodontal which involves the pyorrhea or disease of the gum.

Treatment of the teeth includes the root canal endodontic, root and scaling planning, surgically removing the teeth or extraction, and teeth restoration and dentists go through undergraduate studies for three years but moist of them have a bachelor’s degree and most dentists may require to have better qualifications and they do so by continuing to have further education to learn more complicated ways of teeth treatment including dental implants, maxillofacial and oral surgery, as well as sedation matters.

Dentist anchorage also may prescribe other medicine for management of the patients disease and these experts of teeth encourages the patients to know how to prevent the oral teeth diseases by being hygienic and having some regular teeth check-ups every six months and also cleaning the teeth twice a day and doing some regular teeth evaluation since inflammations and oral infections might affect the conditions and the health of the cavity and this may bring about some systemic diseases that may include cancer, celiac disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

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