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Majority of people in the world limit fashion to trendy clothes and accessories when in fact, it is a booming industry. Fashion comes in a wide variety of culture and personalities and those people who have taken the time to study fashion harder have learned to not only love it but also live by it because it is through fashion that they have found their voice, the voice they want to shout to the world to make a difference. Fashion affects a persons life so much than one can change his lifestyle through a better diet, better looking clothes, better friends, and many more things that make his life better. There are several aspects in the world of fashion that many people are not aware of. The world may seem to segregate people base on ace or culture or maybe even age but one thing will always keep everyone on the same level. There are some races prefer not to have cows on their diet, other countries demand women to cover their faces all the time, and some even let the me wear skirts. All these are great examples of cultures all over the world that have their own sense of style and personality.

The so called trends in fashion have only started when the world has become more industrialized and modernization was the main goal of everyone. It cannot be denied how the world has segregate the people and placed them in a pyramid making a certain race be on top and these are the people who are said to be making influential changes in the fashion industry. The new generation no longer aim to showcase their own personality and culture but rather, they want to always have the newest and trendiest clothes and accessories. The world has become more and more shallow, demanding for certain brands just because everyone else is wearing it. In the simpler times, it would be all about the dress, but today, when you want to look trendy, you are going to have to make sure that you have the right clothes, the perfect shoes, the most sparkly jewelry, the trendiest eye wear and the newest gadgets. The same goes for all the meals around the world wherein you can easily identify the country it belongs to. Basically, the best example would be the fact that people know hat croissants is to the french while noodles is to the chinese.

One’s state of mind or attitude toward things can be considered fashion because every person is unique when it comes to the things that go through their head. What you need to keep in mind is that fashion can be applied anywhere in the world and can involve anything for as long as there is uniqueness within.

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