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How to Raise Happy Kids as Proven by Science and Psychology

Every parent who is loving and caring knows that there is nothing more important than the safety and good health of their children. However, you have to understand also that being a good role model to them means your responsibility does not end when you already have provided them with the assurance of safety and good health. The reality is that the guarantee of health and protection aren’t enough. It also is as equally important to raise them as happy individuals.

Science and psychology are in agreement when it comes to taking specific steps for parents to ensure their kids are happy growing up. Yes, it is true that some parents want to instill and favor discipline over happiness for their kids, it doesn’t mean those same kids no longer have the right to be happy growing up within the bounds of family. You have to accept the fact that parenting is literally about having to raise a successful individual and the only way to go is by making them happy as they grow.

So, here are the steps you need to take right now.

1 – Set a good example by being happy.

You probably already know that being happy is a type of emotion that’s too difficult to fake. Those people who you spend majority of your time will easily know if you’re really happy or not. This includes your kids. Numerous research and studies have proven that there’s in fact a link between parents who are always depressed and the negative attitude in their kids. This means that if you don’t wish your kids to develop behavior issues in the future, then you need to set a good example by showing them that you are for the most part genuinely happy about your life.

2 – Tell them how important it is to build relationships.

Many children these days have one world that revolves around them and that world is made up of them and their iPad. If you really care about your kids, then you need to read those science articles that reveal how gadgets can lead to depression in them. But more alarmingly, those same gadgets prevent your kids from making friends and interacting with others. Kids who don’t socialize will turn out to be unhappy as they grow up.

3 – Teach them how to embrace optimism.

You probably consider the phrase, “looking at the bright side” as overrated, but for young ones like you kids, teaching them about optimism is quite important because it leads to happiness. This is quite true for them growing up as you expect them to experience a lot of failures and down time in school, with friends, and even at home. That’s why it is your job to take the necessary step to teach them a thing or two about looking at the bright side of things, no matter how dark they may be.

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